Great Western Malt __________

Collateral and product design for a rebranding for one of the Northwest's most iconic malt companies.

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Timeframe: 2016-2017
Agency: PAIL
Role: Freelance Designer

  • Branded Collateral
  • Signage
  • Clothing and Stickers
  • Product Artwork
  • Print Materials


As a support contract designer, I helped Pail with their recent rebrand project of Great Western Malt, one of the Pacific Northwest's largest malt companies. We worked to brand their malt products in a similar way to hops, emphasizing the malt as being at the heart of every beer, and encouraging the marketing of malt types to consumers.

I worked on a variety of branded collateral to help launch the brand. This included standard business collateral like letterhead and business cards as well as fun stuff like t-shirts and stickers.


Product Artwork and Sell Sheets

On of the biggest parts of my work with PAIL and Great Western Malt was the definition of an image for every individual malt. This image usually consisted f a few images comped together to form the final artwork.

This imagery was then implemented on sell sheets and packaging for every malt. I developed the sell sheet to display crucial malt information on one side and the inspirational product artwork on the other. I also implemented the design across an entire line of malt bags.