Hey! I'm Hannah, a Portland designer focused on effective and beautiful visual solutions.

I am a designer with over 10 years of multidisciplinary experience in designing solutions on paper and on screen. I'm passionate about creating as a visual thinker and problem solver. 

I hail from Michigan, live in Portland, and love exploring. I have a penchant for brews, nature, and science.


  • Reese's (and their pieces)

  • Weather above 80 degrees

  • Loud restaurants

  • Forwarded emails

  • 8 am meetings

  • Crowded bike lanes

  • Logo contests


  • Cats (dogs are rad, too)

  • Saisons

  • Pristine Illustrator files

  • Ice Cream

  • Late nights by the campfire

  • Timbers victories

  • Astronomy

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